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This course is designed for students seeking a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education and/or a bilingual education generalist certification at Southern Methodist University.
This course will enable students to teach in bilingual education classes in the state of
Texas. Students will read, research, analyze, discuss, write, and become knowledgeable regarding instructional best practices for utilization with students who are of Limited
English Proficiency (LEPs, also called English Language Learners (ELL) or English Learners (EL)).

Classes will consider the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and ELPS as they relate to student mastery of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Reading/Language Arts concepts and skills in a bilingual classroom. Theory, educational philosophy, and instructional best practices will include the works of Collier (et. al), Cummings, Hakuta, Krashen, Chamot and O’Malley, Short, as well as language acquisition and other mainstream researchers. Practical applications will involve participation in class discussion. Much of the class will occur in Spanish and at least minimal Spanish skills are necessary. There will also be assignments written in Spanish.

By the end of the course, students will be more knowledgeable about: major theories and instructional best practices in first and second language acquisition, new understandings of the workings of the brain and how it relates to education, strategies to motivate student inquiry and learning, cooperative learning, CALLA, SIOP, content Spanish vocabulary, and classroom management/cooperative discipline. Major theorists and researchers discussed will include: Locke, Rousseau, Piaget, Bruner, Chomsky, Vygotsky, Collier, Cummings, Krashen, Hakuta, Bloom, Escamilla, and others.

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Hi class! Below is the flyer for the Bilingual Book drive that the center I work for (Center for Child and Community Development) is running. Please let me know if you have any questions! You can bring the books to class or drop them off in the box located in the Dean's Office in Simmons. Thanks!